Invitation to social gathering

Dear members and friends of the Hellenic Community

I am writing to inform you (in case that you are not aware of it yet) that for almost a year now the ladies of the Greek community, in Dublin and in the wider area, are gathering once a month to celebrate name days for that month, usually at a restaurant of their liking. There is already a “core group” of women that participate, but as we believe that these gatherings will bring the community members closer together and even bring new members, I am sending this invitation so that whoever from the ladies was not aware of this, to join in if she wishes so. The only requirement is that she knows Greek as we consider these events great opportunities to speak our mother tongue. Irish friends or of other nationalities who know Greek are very welcome.
The organiser of these events is Ms Maria Gioni. If you wish to participate please contact Maria (, 0863375399) so that she can enroll you in the ladies communication list. Our next get together has been planned for the Thursday the 17th of September.

It was with great joy that we were recently informed that gatherings like these may also happen with the men of the community as well. Mr Sotirios Magoufis offered to organise something similar for the gentlemen of our community. We kindly urge you to get in touch with Sotirios (, 0872438127) who is willing not only to organise the gatherings, but also to come all the way from Limerick for them, so his efforts should be even more supported by your participation.

We hope that you respond to the efforts of Maria and Sotirios to bring together and warm our community members as winter is approaching!

Warm Regards

On the behalf of the Management Board

Thomais Kakouli
Hellenic Community of Ireland