Greek library and coffee room

Dear members, friends and students of the Greek School,

Following the kind request of  our teacher Mr. Vaios Manolis we would like to inform you that:

1. The Library of the Greek School is now in operation. You can borrow books during the following times:

Tuesday: 5-7 pm
Saturday: 12:12:15
Sunday: after the Holly Liturgy (when the teacher is there)

2. We would like to remind you the Kafenio (Greek Cafe) is in operation again every Tuesday after 5pm. Please note that over the next couple of days we will be installing NOVA, and so it will be possible to open the Kafenio during weekends.

3. We would kindly ask parents whose kids attend the Greek Saturday to school, to inform the teacher ( 0876603500, whether they would be interested for their kids to be occupied by the teacher on Thursdays between 6-7:30pm. Please inform the teacher by 10/10/09.

On behalf of the teacher and the School committee

Dr. Theodora Lola-Luz
Secretary Hellenic Community of Ireland