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The Greek school is the main educational activity of the Hellenic Community of Ireland(H.C.I.) since 2003.

The school is financed by the members of the H.C.I. It is also supported by Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religion (secondment of teacher, books).

The division of Greek language and culture of the H.C.I. was recognised by the Ministry of education in 2003 with the secondment of the first teacher and the last Government decision Φ816.41/903/146237/Ζ1 of 21-11-2012.

Further to the the division of Greek language and culture, the H.C.I. established an exams center for the certification of the Greek language studies.

For more information see http://www.greek-language.gr/certification/index.html


– Greek language and culture classes 

– Modern and ancient Greek classes for the Junior και Leaving Certificate

– Greek language classes for adults

– Classes for bilingual families 

– Online classes 

Greek language and culture classes 

The Greek language and culture classes are being conducted in accordance with the guidance developed by the University of Crete for teaching Greek abroad. Further information can be found here http://www.ediamme.edc.uoc.gr/diaspora2/index.php?id=23,65,0,0,1,0

Also the Greek classes are being conducted under the supervision of educational branch of the Greek embassy in London, www.hellenic-education.org.uk

The duration of the Greek language program is 10 to 12 years. Students are divided according to their age and knowledge of the Greek language.


For any further information please contact: school@helleniccommunity.ie

The school’s postal address is:
Hellenic School of Ireland
19 Belvedere Place,
Dublin 1, Ireland


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