Easter celebration get together

The parish council with the  Hellenic community would like to celebrate Easter Sunday Greek style with a BBQ after the end of  The Vespers of Agape around  1pm in the church grounds.

We are going to organise this BBQ ourselves and would love as many from the Hellenic community to join us.  We are asking for each family to participate as regarding to food.  We would ask that each family bring some meat suitable for cooking on BBQ and if each family could bring either salads/other starters/gyka/pitta/Easter biscuits or whatever each person feels they would like to cook/bake.

If everybody could get back to me to let me know what each family will bring would be great so we don’t have the same of everything or end up with too much salads etc.  Then I can email you all again and let you all know if we need anything else etc.  We would love to have some music too so anybody with some Cd’s that they would like to hear bring them along too.

Also if you know of other people who are not included in this email and would like to come to forward them the details. My mobile is 087 1924528 if  anybody wishes to contact me.

Thanks all,
Martina/Kostas Halkiadakis