International economic crisis and developments in Greece-Invitation to an open discussion

Dear members and friends of the Hellenic Community

The HC Management Board invites you to an open discussion on the topic of “The international economic crisis and developments in Greece”. The discussion will take place in the Greek School on Sunday 6 September at 1p.m. after the Divine Liturgy. The event is organised due to the visit to Ireland, for an international conference, of two noticeable analysts from Greece: Mr George Karampelias, writer and editor and Prof. Panayotis Papakyriazis, economist, Professor Emeritus at the Economic University of Athens and Professor Emeritus at the California Polytechnic State University.
Mr Karampelias and Prof. Papakyriazis would be delighted to participate in the discussion and to meet the members of our community, and also the community members to meet them.

With warm regards,

On behalf of the Management Board

Dr. Thomais Kakouli
President, Hellenic Community of Ireland