Archbishop Gregorios’ Visit

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you that the Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain Gregorios, will visit the Greek Church and School in the next weekend. His time schedule is the following:

1. Saturday 22 November at 11.30am: Visit at the Greek School.
2. Saturday 22 November at 6pm: Vespers (Church of the Annunciation, 46 Arbour Hill, Dublin 7)

3. Sunday 23 November at 9.30am: One Holly Liturgy
4. Meeting with parishioners after the Holly Liturgy

We kindly ask the parents of the Greek School to take part in the meeting with the Archbishop on Saturday at 11.30am, as he particularly expressed his interest in meeting them.

Finally, we would like to ask all parishioner to be at the Church on Saturday at 6pm and on Sunday at 9.30am.

Michael Youlton
Vice-President, Hellenic Community of Ireland