Celebration for the 25th March & 1st of April

Dear parents and friends of the Greek Community School in Dublin,

The Hellenic community, the teacher and the School Committee invite you to the National celebration of 25th of March(Greece) and the 1st of April (Cyprus) that will take place on Saturday 21st of March 2009 at 11 am, at the Greek School, at the function hall of the Greek Community behind our church.

The programme will include recitation of poems and songs, as well as coffee at the end of the celebration.

We would be delighted to see you all there, members or not of the Community, to celebrate together our National Holiday.

We would kindly request that the parents whose kids will be participating in the celebration with a poem to email Ms Dora Lola -Luz (theodora.lolaluz@gmail.com) or the teacher Mr Vaios Manolis (manolisvaios@gmail.com) by Saturday the 14th of March to notify us if for any reason they will be unable to attend the celebration. We ask this so that the teacher can plan the programme of the celebration.

In addition, the teacher kindly asks, if you have any national costumes that the kids wear them on the day, otherwise if they could wear a jeans trouser/ skirt (blue) and a white shirt/blouse.

Thanking you in advance for your collaboration.

On behalf of the management board, the teacher, and the school committee of the Greek School in Dublin

The Secretary,

Theodora Lola-Luz