Graphic Design Vagelis Art

Graphic Design Vagelis Art
Evangelos Tsapatoras

what we do

we design visually appealing and
communicative artworks whether it is
for printing or digital purposes
we use the latest software to express
our ideas and allow our creativity to
we offer a wide range of graphic
design services to businesses on
contract or subcontract basis as well
as to individuals.

who we are

vagelis art is a graphic design
company based in Ennis.
we provide innovative design
solutions for professionals and
our aim is to exceed our
customers’ expectations and to
become long term creative

why us

our quotation for your project will be
the final price without any further
Our price includes unlimited
revisions of the final draft for a preagreed
we will come and meet you
wherever is convenient for you

How to order

get in contact to arrange a meeting
and discuss your project
we will present you with draft versions
and then you choose your favourite
you will receive the final draft for
approval or revisions if required
once you are fully satisfied the
artwork can be available in any
possible format