Greek Language International Day 2021

Dear members and friends, 

This year we’re celebrating World Greek Language Day with a video submitted by the students of our school, but also with the announcement of a series of new activities by the Hellenic Community of Ireland which answer the call to  celebrate the 200th anniversary of 1821. Thank you, all you students and parents of our School, who are keeping up learning the Greek language in such adverse conditions. Special thanks to our teachers who are keeping up quality learning and transmission of this unique Greek treasure of ours. The video is available on HCI Vimeo channel here.We invite you to continue your support for our school but also to participate in the following events as volunteers and/or students. 

Specifically, we invite you to participate:

  • In reading (in Greek) James Joyce’s Ulysses once a month in Sweny’s Pharmacy, Lincoln Place. 
  • In teaching Τα ελληνικά του Τζέιμς Τζόυς (James Joyce’s Greek) to the friends of JJ. 
  • In reading Freedom and Death (Captain Michalis) by Nikos Kazantzakis, through the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis (DEFNK) and its steering committee in Ireland.
  • In the initiative “Kazantzakis and nature” which is also organized through DEFNK. 
  • In the study of ancient Greek texts that is organised by the Classical Association of Ireland, Dublin Branch.

We are proud to announce the first edition of our beloved shadow-puppet theatre, Karaghiozis, in English, by the publishing house Colenso Books. It is a fact that the first contact by our English-speaking friends with Greek culture and tradition is through the English language and we believe that Theodore Stephanides’ and Anthony Hirst’s work is unique.

Finally, we continue  working with the Chester Beatty Library in promoting its rare New Testament and Byzantine texts; Dublin City Council Intercultural Language Services; Trinity College Dublin, UCD and other organizations in Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and other countries which promote the Greek Language and Greek Culture on an equal footing with other languages and traditions.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Irish friends through the Irish Hellenic Society that remains our close partner.