Extra Ordinary Meeting

Dear Regular members of the Hellenic Community of Ireland,

We are reminding you of the planned Extra Ordinary Meeting ( EGM) at 13:00 on Sunday 7th October that was postponed from 3rd June 2018. Please note that the EGM will be held at the Guinness Enterprise Center (GEC), (Taylor’s Ln, Ushers, Dublin 8) and not at the Broomsbridge Educate Together School as it was planned.

We are happy to announce that we have signed a License Agreement for CoWork with the GEC that allows us to use their premises.

On the day of our EGM we are going to have with us Mr Peter Smith, Director of The Institute of Minority Entrepreneurship, Dublin Institute of Technology to help us with the phrasing and comprehension of new law requirements. He has studied our present constitution very carefully and helps us draft the new one as attached.

It is the first time that the constitution of the Hellenic Community has been first drafted in English and subsequently translated in Greek. We had to take that approach in order to bring on board the Irish practice and know how. Also, please find attached a document that states the main differences between the present and proposed institution that attempts to help its comprehension. We only have that document in English.

Apart from the proposed constitution we are adopting a set of “by laws” that will be separately discussed in our Annual General Meetings (AGM) planned for Sunday 25th November 2018, together with the elections. These “by laws” will include the present “specific objectives” stated in our present constitution as well as other details.

Please make sure you pay your membership before 5pm on Saturday 6th October 2018, if you haven’t already done so.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our Board as well as all the other members of our Community for supporting me through this difficult time.


Stella Xenopoulou
Hellenic Community of Ireland

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