Dear Sirs, Good day and Happy New Year.

My name is Giorgos Anastasiou and I take the liberty to contact you seeking your support.
I am Agriculturalist with long experience in large Greek and multinational companies but now unemployed
The reason I am writing to you is that I’m representantive of four Greek companies with excellent new products; OLIVES, OLIVE-WINES, OUZO, DRIED TOMATOES, CAPERS-(in very competitive prices) and with the possibility of finding new.
Therefore, I’m looking for people or companies -through the community in particular- that would like any form of cooperation in our products.
I have no issues to travel and I can spend as long is is necessary in Germany for sales promotion.

Please forward my email to anyone you think would be interested and to the local Greek communities.

Also, let me know if you believe that I should put an advertisement in the press.
Any advice, suggestion or idea on your part would be helpful.

My mail is and my phone number: 00-30-6972023146.

Kind Regards