Greeting from new MB

Dear members, compatriots and friends of the Hellenic Community of Ireland

The General Assembly of the Hellenic Community (HC) gathered on Sunday 25 January 2009 at the Greek School where the election for the new Management Board (MB) took place. I would like to thank our members who honoured us with their presence and laid their trust on us by approving us for two more years of tenure. I feel very optimistic for my Presidency of the HC, and I believe that I also reflect the views of all the MB members, because we did achieve a great deal in our last tenure, but we also gained more experience in handling the issues of the HC. I feel particularly pleased due to the presence of four new colleagues in the MB with new energy and ideas, but also because I believe that it is good that as many of us as possible are involved in the management of our community. Only this way we can really make the community “ours”. We commit ourselves to serve as best as we are able to the interests of our Community in Ireland and of Hellenism in general.

On behalf of the MB

Warm regards

Dr. Thomais Kakouli
President, Hellenic Community of Ireland

Click here to download the minutes of the Bi-Annual General Meeting held on January 25th 2009.